Saturday, April 4, 2015

State Highpoing #2 - Maryland

On the same day that I started the journey, with my friend TJ Mack, we had mapped out a route to do 3 state highpoints in the same day. We left his house in Charlottesville, VA and made our way to Spruce Knob, WV. From there, we took the winding roads through the Appalachians to the small neck of land in Maryland, where the state highpoint is. I couldn't find a great picture of the actual state highpoint, but this small church is very close to the point in the road, where you park on the shoulder and head up the side of the hill to the highest point in Maryland. And this is a great example of the wonders that I've been able to see as part of this journey. I have seen places in this country, that I never would have imagined because some of the high points are so far off the beaten path.

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